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Corporate Story

Mahindra Susten is the 'Cleantech' arm of the Mahindra group driven by and committed to providing state-of-the-art solutions. Mahindra Susten offers diversified services within the renewable energy and clean tech space.


A leading player in the Indian solar energy sector, with over 544MWp commissioned to date and over 370MWp under execution, Mahindra Susten's services (previously known as Mahindra EPC) spans across turnkey solar EPC services - both utility scale solar and rooftop solar, solar DG hybrid solutions, solar products, solar car charging stations, telecom tower Solarization, solar PV O&M and analytics, engineering services, energy management services and industrial build solutions.


In 2011, our operations commenced with the turnkey execution of a 5 MW grid connected solar PV project, over the last 5 years we have climbed to a dominant position in this industry.


Offering the best in class solutions to the industrial and commercial segments, the cutting edge DG PV hybrid solution effectively offsets the diesel consumption and maximizes solar penetration. The company has stepped into green industrial construction with over 4,25,000 sq. ft. executed and over 7,00,000 sq.ft. under execution. The key projects include a formulation plant, Ankleshwar, Gujarat and a 2,00,000 sq. ft. warehouse at Jaipur, Rajasthan.


Our team of more than 650 initiates innovation at every step to provide 360 degree smart and sustainable solutions - 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. That is our process. That is our commitment.


Powered by innovation, driven by quality and fuelled by excellence, we are uniquely positioned to enable every Indian business, household and individual to RISE with clean and smart solutions.


Mahindra Partners

Mahindra Susten is a part of Mahindra Partners which is the $900 million private equity division of the Mahindra group, whose mission is to accelerate value creation through a diversified portfolio of emergent businesses. Mahindra Partners adapts the group's unique strengths of constant innovation, prudence and creative business models with a mandate of incubating new ventures for the group. The division provides growth capital to bring our stakeholders diversified products and services.


Apart from Susten, Mahindra Partners also manages portfolio companies in various industry sectors like retail, steel, logistics, vocational education, consulting, media, luxury and speed boat manufacturing, and conveyor systems.


Our Vision

Our core purpose challenges the status quo. We utilize resources innovatively to breed positive changes among communities and our stakeholders. Giving Rise to the very best, every day.


Our values act as guides - a synergy between what we have achieved, are presently performing and what we are targeting through social, environmental and economic values. Our commitment to the Mahindra group value is non - negotiable:
  • Dignity of the Individual- is something we treasure. Freedom of expression, in the form of disagreements or otherwise. We strive to acknowledge the time and efforts of the individual. Our actions are a cornerstone of fairness, transparency and trust.
  • Good Corporate Citizenship - - our long-term success revolves around good corporate citizenship. Aligning our ideas with the needs of the communities we serve. Compromising on ethical business standards is never an option.
  • Customer First - our existence and prosperity are owed to the customer. We follow a customer-is-first approach. Our response to the changing needs and expectations of our customers are always quick, courteous and effective.
  • Quality Focus - our approach is simple and encompassing: "first time right"
  • Professionalism - comes from seeking and hiring the best people for the job and equipping them with freedom and opportunities to grow.


Sustainability is ingrained in our name and our DNA...


Mahindra Susten aims to progress towards holistic growth and carry out business in a way that creates value for all its stakeholders.


The organization follows GRI 4 guidelines for reporting sustainability. IMS certified processes are instrumental in driving sustainability at Mahindra Susten.


We report as a part of the A+ rated M&M group since FY 12.


  • Highest quality standards
  • Two plants constructed by us have the highest cumulative CUF consistently for the past 18 months across India
  • In 2012, our client PR Fonroche, was awarded as the best solar developer by the former Indian Prime Minister Mr Manmohan Singh
  • We were awarded the Utility Scale Solar EPC company of the year - 2014
  • Safety is a priority and hence 'near misses' are being monitored closely with 5 levels of control exercised to maximize employee safety.
  • The MRFR of Mahindra Susten stands at 0.0 with over 6.4 million man-hours of construction since inception of the company
  • Highest employee as promoter score and 2nd highest MCares score (across Mahindra group companies)
  • Focused on employee engagement, well-being & health awareness while promoting diversity and inclusion

We are committed to the environment by creating innovative solutions to minimize impact and optimize resource conservation.



Local inclusion, job creation, local hiring, skill enhancement and co-creation with local vendors is how Mahindra Susten has driven positive change and helped local communities to rise at every site location that we have worked at.


A few instances
  • Rerouted natural course of the 'nallah' to flow outside the premises to allow indigenous people from availing the benefits
  • Constructed a health center & a community center for the local population
  • Created a welfare center for the local population
  • Conducted training and development programs for the local unskilled labour to create future employability
  • Conducting the "nidar beti" campaign to foster self-defence amongst girl children at schools near our plants
  • Conducting the “Humara Swaasth, Humaare Haath” campaign to inculcate the practice of Cleanliness and hygiene amongst the local community
  • Coached local policemen on military best practices through in-house defence personnel

Our Philosophy

integrity At no point will the organization undertake any actions that go against the non-negotiable values of Mahindra group
sustainable Sustainability stands not only for environmental efficiency but also in terms of processes carried out and ways to deal with employees all stakeholders.
going beyond The organization will go beyond,than mere customer and employee expectations and strive to delight.
forward thinkers Anticipate hurdles, innovate, make positive changes, incremental improvements and embrace a proactive and critical attitude.