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DG Solar Hybrid

Mahindra Susten's DG-PV Hybrid powers your business and reduces diesel consumption to a minimum. Payback period for the DG-PV Hybrid is as low as 3 years. Installations are running successfully at Mahindra & Mahindra Igatpuri, Maharashtraand Super Auto Forge Automotive plant, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.


What is the DG Solar Hybrid?
  • A solar solution that seamlessly integrates with diesel generators using the patented MACXTM, an advanced solar controller that ensures maximum solar energy is mixed with the grid or diesel generator, ensuring optimum usage of your solar plant
  • This DG Solar hybrid solution has the highest photo-voltaic penetration ratio (PV capacity to diesel capacity) in the industry, charting in at over 80%

  • Prioritizes solar over diesel generator and the grid
  • Reduces overall cost of electricity by up to 40%
  • Supports system sizes between 6kW to 1MW
  • Operates in tandem with the grid and diesel generators
  • Tracks& balances load and power generation for each phase
  • Prioritizes solar and minimizes DG usage to reduce overall cost of electricity
  • 100% system stability and reliability guaranteed
  • Modular design with provision to add components like battery backup, additional diesel generators and scale to larger unit sizes
  • 24X7 remote monitoring and diagnostics using DG pulse on Mahindra Machinepulse's propriety platform