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Micro Grid

Mahindra Susten's micro-grid solution brings in smart generation and utilization of power for both urban and rural areas. With the smart micro-grid, different combinations of energy sources such as bio gas, grid, solar, wind, diesel generator and battery can be utilized to produce power, increasing energy access for our customers.
What is a micro-grid?
  • A stand-alone energy solution integrating various sources of power, ensuring24 x 7 poweravailabilityand caters to varying loads
  • Our solution would remotely monitor load profiles, calculate power demand and match the generation of power to the required demand.
  • Solar photovoltaic system with a battery back-up of 6-8 hours (Other RE sources subject to resource availability)
  • Load management and segregation via monitoring and communication devices
  • Integration with diesel generator sets to provide energy for peak loads caused by pumps and micro-industries
  • Design of distribution network, incorporating individual home metering
  • Provides energy access to remote locations
  • Maximum uptime ensured through remote monitoring and automatic switching
  • Overall cost reduction in power with renewable energy prioritization
  • 100% system stability and reliability guaranteed