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Creating Synergy

Mahindra Susten is growing year on year by delivering value at every step of the process. Global expertise, a vast technical and market knowledge base are pillars upon which our approach towards design is built.

Creating a synergy between pragmatic design and innovation is our way of ensuring that our solutions are at par with world-class standards expected by our clients. Our solutions are simple &efficient to encourage adoption and long lasting, the solar plants constructed by us stand proof.

The mantra which drives all our thoughts, ideas and actions is:

"Provide transformative engineering and design solutions that reinvent our relationship with the natural world"
Integrated Design and Engineering Services for Energy Division
  • Project Feasibility Analysis
  • Design and Engineering Services
    • Solar PV
    • Electrical
    • Structural
    • Civil
Engineering Services For Your Solar PV Plants From Concept to Commissioning - Experience of Over 500 MW

Integrated Design and Engineering Services for Build Solutions

We provide specialty services which focus on the process of planning, designing and constructing structures to ensure real value which go beyond the 'Green' protocols and standards.


Specialty Services
  • Concept and Pre-Design
  • Architecture
  • Foundation & Civil Design
  • MEP Services & Specialty HVAC
  • Process Design & Optimization
Energy efficiency and provision of alternate sources of energy are prescribed as per availability.


Sustainable Construction
  • Material Conservation
  • Waste Reduction
  • Outdoor Air Quality
  • Labour Health & Safety
  • Use of Non-Virgin Material

Sustainable Services offered
  • Energy Analysis & Modelling
  • Embodied Energy Analysis
  • Harmonics Analysis
  • Conceptual Energy Modelling
  • Sun path Analysis
  • Day lit Building
  • Net Zero Energy Designs
  • Renewable Energy Modelling

Water Management
  • Water Self Sustenable Designs
  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • Recycling & Reuse-Zero Water Discharge
  • Net Zero Water Designs
  • Ecological Water Flow Assessment