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Telecom Solutions

Mahindra Susten's solar telecom solution is robust and can work alongside the grid, diesel generators and battery systems. Trusted by clients such Bharati Airtel and Vodafone, it has completed 1000 installations across India, where towers which ran completely on diesel generators are now solarized. The solution has reduced diesel consumption by up to 84% at some of these sites.   What is Solar Telecom Solution? A proprietary low-cost solar solution that powers telecom towers using solar - ensuring reduction of diesel consumption by up to 80 %, reducing both the carbon footprint as well as the operational costs.   Solution Details
  • Design, Engineering, component selection and procurement by Mahindra Susten
  • Installation and maintenance byMahindra Powerol
  • Green field projects or retrofitted on brown field projects
  • Works in tandem with existing infrastructure to ensure maximum uptime
  • Prioritizes solar energy to reduce overall cost of electricity
  • Controls battery through an advanced Battery Management System (BMS) to ensure maximum battery charging via solar
  • Remote monitoring of analytics and diagnosis through telepulse, Mahindra Machinepulse's proprietary software platform